Thursday, December 10, 2009

Skills Learned Through Service Learning

At the beginning of my service learning project I had an interest in politics, current events, etc but didn't really know how to put my interest to work for me or my community for that matter. Because of my partner through this experience, Harley Mikkelson, I'm slowly learning more about grassroots movements and community organization. As I type this, official paperwork is being prepared to facilitate this type of movement specifically catering to Tuscola County. I realize that this is going to take great effort especially personally for me to come out of my shell so-to-speak. It's a work in progress nevertheless. As previously mentioned in past postings, Harley has been an official Green Party candidate for various elected offices over the recent years. He has been encouraging me to join him in this effort citing that there always seems to be a lack of serious candidates in this state at election time. Generally I just assume to keep my personal life just that, personal so needless to say at this point I am politely declining to go so far as to actually run for any type of position, however, having said that, when it comes to assisting him in his efforts I am more than willing to jump in with both feet.

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