Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Career Assessments

Career Assessments are a remarkable way to guide someone towards a career path if that person seems unsure for whatever reason what field of work may be best for him or her. This type of tool assesses an individual's unique interests, personality, traits, along with other vital information to determine what direction may be best for that particular individual. Having said that, however one must always be mindful of Internet scams that seem to exist for the sole purpose of using one's own uncertainty to gain access to that individual's bank account. Local high school's and universities across the country use career assessment tools to direct their students towards a career path. As long as these students are honest with themselves and the test, their future endeavors are likely to fit them like a glove.

Managing an Online Identity

Because of some of the various issues described in the previous posting, it would be wise for some to maintain a professional online Identity. There are various professional networking websites available to those who chose to employ this type of technique. For those who prefer a more traditional method of meeting people, job seeking, etc., it may be to their advantage to at least be conscientious of what negative material may be on the web regarding themselves. Advice to hinder such a scenario includes simple steps such as typing one's own name into a search engine. Simply by doing this one can discover what if any potentially harmful information is available for anyone to see. One downfall to this practice, however is the fact that many people have common names such as "John Smith" and may not easily find him or herself simply by using a search engine alone.

The Ever-Changing Workforce

With all the technology of the new millennium employers and employees alike need to be mindful of any information posted online. Many in today's society take advantage of applications such as Facebook and MySpace without giving a second thought to what he or she may be posting. It is not uncommon for potential employers to frequent these websites in order to gain insight into the lives of potential employees. When anyone in general makes obscene postings, uses profuse profanity, or even engages in controversial conversations he or she may very well be putting their career and financial stability on the line. I can only encourage my fellow citizens to be conscientious of what they information they are making public and who may be accessing the details of their personal lives.

Monday, September 7, 2009

One can say that Jennifer is a professional student. Once she's graduated, she starts school right back up again. She's worked in the health care field for a decade now and just recently started working in the area of mental health which she already loves. Jennifer is an animal lover who always seems to find herself bringing home a new cat. She also only buys her meat from the Amish because she knows they treat their animals humanely prior to selling them as meat. She considers herself to be politically involved, even volunteering for certain political campaigns. Jennifer is a busy girl but wouldn't have it any other way.