Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Social Networking Sites vs. Professional Networking Sites

In this ever changing world of technology networking sites are quickly replacing more traditional methods of conversing and even job searching. Social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook have been popularized across generational lines. Websites such as these are used to catch up with old friends, update current friends on one's present activities, share photos, and so much more. Along with socializing, networking websites such as LinkedIn can also be utilized by professionals to look for a job, look for a better job, or maybe even just keep one's options open in regards to employment opportunities. Because of the popularity of these websites potential employers are frequently relying on these sources to provide information on potential candidates for a position within their companies. It is important for anyone who cares about their professional reputation to keep this fact in mind. When using various networking sites Do maintain a professional appearance. Don't post any potentially damaging information such as what happened in Las Vegas last weekend or photos of yourself drinking from a beer bong. Do post positive information such as any volunteer work one may provide for his or her community or how one did a superb job on a presentation at work. Don't use offensive language. Instead when one has a bad day, discuss suggestions for how one could improve the situation next time. In regards to professional networking sites it may be beneficial to upload any letters of recognition that one receives. It validates one's stance as a valued employee

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