Monday, October 26, 2009

Service Learning

Service Learning offers a unique opportunity to students and members of the community alike. It combines the components of volunteering to improve certain aspects of one's neighborhood with education to improve one's understanding of certain societal impacts. There appears to be a whole service learning movement going on in the United States today. There are various websites, organizations, and even scholarships available to ensure the success of these projects. In this writer's opinion the best opportunities for such projects are those that aide not-for-profit organizations in these tough economic times. The idea of service learning on behalf of religious institutions has been tossed around but realistically it seems only fair to disregard such establishments for the purposes of the aforementioned opportunities because while they enjoy the privilege of having a tax-exempt status, many of them refuse to stay out of the political arena. If any reader is finds themselves intrigued by the topic of service learning, he or she can access the links available to the right of this blog.

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